7 Myths and Common Misconceptions About Pet Hotels

Dogs in Kennel

There are so many myths surrounding pet hotels, and after 30 years of running a respected pet boarding facility, the Camelot Pet Resort team has heard them all! Pet owners are beginning to recognise that licenced and experienced boarding kennels provide dependable, secure and safe pet care, but these myths are still around.

So, let’s start putting these misconceptions right. Here are 7 of the biggest myths that we hear daily, dispelled!

My Pet Will Get Sick

There are many public places where pets mingle, such as veterinary facilities, parks and dog runs. Any time that pets mix, there is a small chance of a pet getting sick. Professional boarding spaces like Camelot Pet Resort take the utmost care in cleaning of the environment, as well as controlling when and how pets mingle.

Equally important is taking preventative steps before the pet ever enters a collective space in order to keep them healthy. At Camelot Pet Resort, we have strict vaccination requirements in order to decrease the chances that our guests will experience any illnesses. Additionally, our guests are checked frequently for signs of illness or distress. Our spaces have good ventilation, dry, clean bedding and sophisticated temperature controls to make the healthiest environment for your pet. 

My Dog Will Become Aggressive

Fun fact: it’s actually the opposite! Chances are your dog will become more accustomed to being around other dogs. Most facilities will provide numerous activities designed to help your dog become more social and interact with other dogs.

They’ll Be Stuck in a Cage All Day

We have several different types of accommodations for pets, and while animals are kept in safe and secure units, they enjoy regular exercise and playtime and comfortable and stress-free conditions throughout. All accommodations are private, with the exception of shared rooms for doggy “siblings”. Dogs love to have a comfortable sleeping and eating area. Each dog gets their very own private area for stretching their legs and taking care of nature’s calls.

Cats Get Too Stressed Out at a Kennel

At Camelot Pet Resort, we spoil our feline friends in our Camelot Castle Cattery! All the animals under our care have the opportunity to socialise and play, but they also have their own private areas. We feel that this is best for every pet.

Cage-Free Kennels are Better

The newest trend in boarding is offering a “cage-free” environment where all of the dogs stay and sleep together in one large room. Through our knowledge and experience with animal behaviour, we believe that cage-free boarding presents more problems than solutions. Resting, sleeping, and eating is healthier for the animal when done in private. It is much more relaxing for your dog to go to his own room, with his own bedding, surrounded by his own things at the end of the day.

My Pet Won’t Get Any Attention

Pets love the excitement of a pet resort. Other pets coming and going, fun and interaction from the staff throughout the day, and plenty of one-on-one or group activities… it’s all very stimulating for them. Although it is our pleasure and responsibility to provide love and attention to each pet, many times they are far more interested in all the sights and sounds of their new world.

My Pet Will Miss Me!

Of course, they will miss you! This is one point that we cannot contest. But, the degree to which your pet “suffers” when you’re away might not be as great as you think.

Dogs live in the moment. So the instant you walk away may be pretty awful, but hey, look at that new doggie friend, and all the fun and excitement of a new environment!

And cats? Well, the issue of whether or not a cat misses their owner is one of much debate. We think that it depends on the cat! At Camelot Pet Resort find that the excitement your pet feels in the company of new animal friends distracts them from separation anxiety.

Camelot Pet Resort–Family-Owned Pet Care for over 30 Years!

Camelot Pet Resort has been a part of the Karnup, WA community for over 30 years. We wouldn’t have stayed in business that long without providing premium treatment for all pets within our care. We work hard to make sure our guests are safe and healthy. Our efforts have helped us to build an amazing client base. In addition, we have done some major renovations over the years!

May 2017 we received planning approval for the extension of our dog boarding kennels with a further 76 kennels and entry statement to be built in keeping with our castle theme, as well as an upgrade to our existing kennels. We post regular updates as these changes occur, both on our webpage and through social media.

We hope to have eased your mind about some common Pet Resort myths. Now, you’ll be able to confidently make the decision to bring your pet to Camelot Pet Resort for a vacation!