Where your pets are treated like Royalty.

Dog Kennels


Your dogs holiday suite

Dogs have their own private brick inside kennel, complete with bed and water bucket. They are free to wander from their inside room to their own outside run all day. The door to the outside run is closed at night for the comfort and warmth of your beloved pets.
Dogs from the same family can share a double kennel.

Excercise Yards

Play time or a relaxing walk looking out at the ocean? It's up to your pet.

Be rest assured while your dog stays with us they will have plenty of time to run around in our large grassed yards, or laze around in the sun under a shady tree.
For safety pets are not mixed in our yards so you can be garenteed that your dog will not be attacked by an over zealous dog.


Because what you eat is important

Here at Camelot We only feed good quality food. Tuckertime rolls, raw meat, and a variety of buscuits from Advanced Pet Care, Optimum and Supercoat. We even stock a variety of tins for the fussiest pooch. 
Got sensitivities? No problem! We also carry a range of Ivory Coat Hypoallergenic biscuits.*


Does your pet require tablets or medications?

Many pets have ongoing medical issues and often require medications and special care. Lillian origionally trained and worked as a vet nurse and has passed her knoweldge and expertise to everyone at Camelot.  Go away on holiday with your mind at ease that your pampered pet will recieve the care required.
We also have a vet on call 24hours a day if veterinary attention is required.



Where your Cat Holidays in a Castle

Ever imagined your cat staying in a castle? When your precious  puss stays at Camelot, that's exactly where they will holiday. Our now iconic 'Castle Cattery' has been built with your felines comfort in mind. The rooms in our indoor cattery overlook into a large central atrium with lots of natural sunlight coming through into the kennels.
They also feature 3/4 to full height solid dividers for privacy from other guests staying with us. We cater for families with rooms large enough to cater for upto 4 cats from the same family.


Because what you eat is important

We cater meals with a large veriety of foods available. Our wet food selection inludes quality raw meats and a variety of the popular brand tins and sashets. For dry food we carry the brands Whiskers, Optimum, Supercoat, Advance, Blackhawk and Ivory Coat Grain-free Hypoallergenic. Several of these brands are  available in furball formula.
If your cat requires a special or veterinary diet, you are more then welcolme to bring it in for your cat.

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